Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya (2024)

If you are asking Who are the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya? We bring to you the top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya to answer your question. The Kenyan music industry is fast growing and over the years it has produced some of the biggest hit songs on the continent.

Interestingly, many Kenyan music stars are widely known and some of them have built a fortune from their career among which we will be considering the top 10 richest.

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya

Over the years Kenya’s music industry is fast growing and it has its share of outstanding music artist that has produced outstanding hit songs. More so, many have made a fortune from the industry among which we have compiled the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya.

1. Sauti Sol       

Net Worth: $20 million

Sauti Sol is a professional Afro-pop music band ranked atop the list of Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya at the number one spot.

Sauti Sol is one of the highly respected musicians in the Kenyan music industry they have produced several hit music and have attracted the attention of fans worldwide through their outstanding performance.

More so, they have been able to amass huge net worth which put them at the very top of the list.

2. Bahati 

Net Worth: $15 million

Bahati is next on our list with a net worth of $15 million making them second on our list of Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya. Interestingly, this music artist is in the Gospel genre and has been able to attract the attention of fans to love his music.

More so, Bahati has throughout his career earned lots of awards in the Kenyan music industry. Interestingly, he is also an incredible actor who has starred in several blockbuster movies.

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3. Lady Wanja 

Net Worth: $12 million

Lady Wanja began her music career as a backup singer for the music band Mbiri Young Stars under the band leader Musaimo. A few years later, she broke out and began a personal band Queenja Les and she released her debut album titled Ndorogonye in 1991.

However, she became a successful music artist after releasing an album titled Mwendwa KK, which includes other hit single songs like Ndutige Kwiyaba, Muici Wa Itura, Muthuri Teenager, and Arume Ni Nyamu. She has consistently continued to gain attention since that time and has never looked back.

4. Akothee        

Net Worth: $10 million

Akothee is the number four artist on our list of Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya. Interestingly, this seasoned singer-songwriter made an instant hit when she entered the Kenyan music industry.

Within the years she began making a net worth of $10 million which makes her The richest Female celebrity in Kenya and a lookout for in the industry.  More so, she has performed with several top music artists around the world.

5. Jaguar

Net Worth: $9 million

Jaguar is a renowned music star who is ranked among the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya with a net worth of $9 million. The seasoned music star is presently a politician who won the parliamentary seat in Kenya because of his popularity.

More so, he is an investor and an entrepreneur who owns a security company, a real estate company, and a taxi company, all of which further boost his net worth.

6. Willy Paul

Net Worth: $8.5 million

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Willy Paul occupies the sixth spot on our list of richest musicians in Kenya. He rose to stardom in 2010, and he is the CEO of the record label known as Saldido International Entertainment which he owns.

The award-winning musician and lyricist have experienced a great change since he entered the music industry which is reflected in his net worth of over $8 million.

7. Nonini 

Net Worth: $8 million

Nonini is a well-known Kenyan hip-hop artist radio presenter and entrepreneur who operates three major studios. An interesting music personality in the Kenyan music industry. He began his fame to stardom when he joined Calif Records in 2002.

Due to some issues, he went solo and has since then released a lot of hit songs which has kept him afloat among the influential music artist in Kenya and Africa.

8. Size 8   

Net Worth: $1 million

Size 8 is a renowned gospel artist occupying the eighth spot on our list of Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya. It is amazing and like me, I’m sure you are most surprised that she is this rich to have made the list.

More so, Size 8 has appeared in several TV commercials and promotional adverts which further add some fortune to her net worth.

9. Wyre   

Net Worth: $1 million

Wyre is a famous Kenyan singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur considered to be the king of Reggae and R&B music in the country.

The seasoned music artist has throughout his career worked with top music artists both locally and internationally especially Jamaican musicians because of his music genre. Wyre has continued to dish out amazing songs that attract fans across the world to listen to him.

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10. Nameless   

Net Worth: $800,000

Nameless is the stage name of David Mathenge and he occupies the tenth spot on our list of Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya.

Since the beginning of his career, Nameless has produced hit songs that earned him the net worth he has today. Likewise, he has worked with a lot of highly profiled artists which has further announced him to the world.


It has been fun compiling this list of Top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya having shown you the music artist who is making a lot of money than others in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Interestingly, unlike the list of other countries we’ve compiled, Kenya seems to be the only place where gospel artists are included having two of the gospel artist appear on the list.

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