Rayan Coach Online Booking, Fares, Offices, And Contacts

Have you heard about the Rayan Coach? Do you want to travel to and from Garissa and Nairobi? Are you trying to find a premium transportation service at reasonable prices? You are, in fact, in the proper location.

The company operates daily intercity bus services between Nairobi City and Garissa, travelling through several locations en route to their final destination. Read the article below to learn more about the transport company.

Rayan Coach: What You Should Know

A Kenyan road transportation business called Rayan Coach transports people from Nairobi to Garissa and back. Despite being very young, the organisation has gained a solid reputation among customers for providing top-notch services. It even poses a serious threat to other transport businesses that operate along that route.

Rayan Coach is a daily intercity transport company, which means it shuttles people between Garissa and Nairobi several times each day. It began offering transportation services with the two dual-axle Man units made by Master Fabricators, but it has since grown to own more than ten luxury buses with tastefully decorated interiors.

The opulent buses come in a variety of hues, from red to orange, but they all offer the highest level of luxury to their passengers while on the road. You can take advantage of several opulent amenities, such as:

  • 2 by 2 reclining seats
  • Large legroom to make customers comfortable
  • Charging outlets for each seat
  • Large LCD television screens
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Modern sound system with self-listening speakers.

Rayan Coach Courier Service

In addition to passenger transportation, Rayan Coach offers all of its clients, fair-priced parcel transfer services between the cities. However, the costs vary depending on the type and size of your parcels.

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Rayan Coach: Routes and Schedule

Here are the departure times for the transport company, which primarily travels between Nairobi and Garissa:

Nairobi To Garissa

  • 8.30 am
  • 12.40 pm
  • 4.30 pm

Garissa to Nairobi

  • 5.30am
  • 8.30am
  • 3.30pm

Travelling With Rayan Coach: Making Reservations

There are various ways to book tickets with Rayan Coach. You can go to any of the bus terminals that are close to you, call their office, or speak to any representative of the transportation firm.

On the official website of the transportation provider, you may also make a straight online reservation or a Mpesa payment. The following information will help you make a reservation on the Rayan Coach website:

  • Visit the Rayan Coach official website
  • You will see the booking interface, then proceed with your travelling details; destination, departure location, and date of travel
  • Then, you select the bus you want to travel with from those available and select a seat.
  • The seats booked already are grey while the available ones are white.
  • Select your boarding point and dropping point.
  • Then you fill in your passenger details such as name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Proceed to pay and your ticket will be sent to your email address.

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From the time a passenger makes a reservation to the time they board the bus, Rayan Coach Limited gives them the true comfort they expect. They provide opulent and secure transportation for both individuals and packages. Additionally, their services are reasonably priced.

For further enquiries, bookings or complaints, you can contact Rayan Coach via the following means: 

  • Address: Second St, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Phone: +254 745 129233
  • For bookings, call: 0745 129 234
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