Modern Coast Online Booking 2024, Fare, Offices & Contacts

Do you know you can perform Modern Coast online booking of tickets in the comfort of your home? This article contains everything you need to book a ride with Modern Coast bus company. Some of which include Modern Coast online booking, prices, offices, and customer care number.

Before we show you how to perform Moder Coast booking online, find below some information about the bus company with services rendered.

About Modern Coast

Modern Coast bus company is one of the indigenous transport providers and best bus companies in Kenya. As the name implies they have a modern fleet of buses that ply and transport passengers to over 50 destinations across Africa.

The bus company which was established on 26th May 2007 provides traveling solutions to many central and East African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and so on.

Here are some of the popular routes plied by the public transport company

  • Dar es salaam To Nairobi
  • Dar es salaam To Arusha
  • Mombasa To Dar es salaam
  • Nairobi To Mombasa
  • Nairobi To Kigali
  • Nairobi To Kisumu
  • Nairobi To Kampala
  • Nairobi To Busia
  • Nairobi To Usenge
  • Nairobi To Homabay

Traveling by the Modern Coast bus promises to be a thrilling experience. As the company’s fleet is air-conditioned with enough legroom for passengers, especially those traveling a long distance. There is also a provision of speedy internet with a lot of power outlets for charging.

Apart from being an inter-city and international transport services provider, Modern Coast has other services they rendered. Some of these include Courier service (whether Door Door delivery or pick-up), Forwarding, and Clearing.

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Modern Coast Online Booking of Ticket

Performing Modern Coast online booking these days has been made easy. You can book a ticket in the comfort of your own without visiting their physical offices. You can do these by visiting the Modern Coast Online booking portal or downloading the bus app.

Follow these steps to perform modern coast online bookings of tickets.

  • Visit Modern Coast online booking portal or website
  • Fill in your traveling details including departure location, destinations, and traveling date.
  • Select the currency you intend to use to pay for tickets. (For example, Kish if you are using a debit card)
  • Click on the Search button to display the available ticket.
  • Select your preferred ticket by clicking on the ‘View Seat’ options.
  • Choose your preferred seat and confirm its availability.
  • Then proceed to submit your details by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button
  • After filling in your payment details and once successful, your ticket will be generated.

List of Modern Coast Offices with Contacts

Modern Coast bus company has many offices across Kenya and its environment. You can visit their physical office or reach the company via their contacts.

1. Nairobi Office

Physical Address: Luther Plaza, 4th Floor, Nyerere / State House Road, Nairobi – Kenya
E-mail address: [email protected]
Contact: (254) 717-444-460

2. Accra Road Office

Physical Address: Accra Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
Contact: +254709463155

3. Kariakoo Office in Dar Es Salaam
Contact: +255657620985

4. Ubungo Office in Dar Es Salaam
Contact: +255713780756

5. Dar Es Salaam Office
Contact: +255788621757

6. Arusha Office
Contact: +25578359400

7. Moshi Office
Contact: +255783593330

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Modern Coast Contacts and Customer Care Number

Do you have any complaints to lodge about the service rendered by any Modern Coast bus, you can lodge them via their contacts. Also, you can seek more information via Modern Coast contacts below

HEAD OFFICE: After Makupa Police, Mombasa, Kenya
Contacts: +254709897000, 254705700888, 788888800, 729403589
Email: [email protected]

Final Thoughts on Modern Coast Online Booking and Contacts

Although Modern Coast bus company has a lot of modern fleets with quality features, many travelers have complained bitterly about the services they render.

Even though they use technology in delivering their services including apps, modern coast online booking portals, and others, they seem to be lacking in good customer relations. You can try other bus companies in Kenya instead if you are not satisfied with their services.

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