Jerry Brassfield Net Worth and Biography (2024)

This article contains Jerry Brassfield Net worth and Biography; the renowned founder and chief executive officer of GNLD International company. Jerry Brassfield is often referred to as Direct Selling Legend – He started his business career at age 19 and years later was worth millions.

Who is Jerry Brassfield?

Jerry Brassfield is an 83-year-old entrepreneur and businessman who established the Golden Neo-life Dianite International Company(GNLD). Jerry Brassfield who was born on the 9th of April in 1940 created this company after finding a solution to his asthmatic condition through herbs and fruits.

More Information About Jerry Brassfield Company

An important part of Jerry Brassfield net worth, biography and his company; Golden Neo-life Dianite International Company(GNLD), makes the old man to be known Internationally.

At the age of 19 years, Jerry Brassfield created GNLD in February 1958. Isn’t that amazing? For a guy of 19 years old to create a multi-million dollar empire of business. Well, it all started with the help of his mother.

This was after discovering the usefulness of herbs and fruits. As a child, Jerry Brassfield suffered from asthma attacks, so much that it made him ill to the extent of affecting his school performance. After countless visitations to the hospital, his mother decided to try another means which is packing fruits and herbs for her son.

Fortunately, he started regaining his health back. This motivated Jerry Brassfield to spread the news and promote the herbs and fruits among friends and families.

After finding out that it is one of the common problems most people face, he started selling the solutions to people who need them. This led to the establishment of the company; Golden Neo-life Dianite International Company(GNLD). You can learn more about the company by clicking:

The company since then has grown so much to earn revenues up to millions of dollars. A typical example was its revenue in 2012 which was estimated to be $170 million. The company employs a network marketing Pyramid scheme where marketers are paid to sell the company’s products and bring people to the business.

Some of the company’s products include foods, drugs, cosmetics, and so on. Here is a list of NeoLife Products and Prices in Nigeria. The products are recognized Internationally and have helped many members either medically or financially.

Jerry Brassfield has served in many companies which is the reason why his company keeps growing as a result of the knowledge and skills gathered.

Jerry Brassfield Family

Jerry Brassfield is married to Susan Brassfield and has five children, not just one named Kendra. Jerry Brassfield’s children are Tony BrassfieldDarin BrassfieldShann M. BrassfieldMelissa Brassfield, and Kendra Brassfield. Kendra is currently the manager and director of her father’s business; GNLD.

Jerry Brassfield and His Family; Wife(Susan) and Daughter(Kendra)
Jerry Brassfield Net Worth and Biography ([year])
Jerry Brassfield and the Director of his Company; Kendra Brassfield

Jerry Brassfield Biography and Net Worth

Meanwhile, Jerry Brassfield’s family background, education, and lifestyle are unknown as most reports centered on his renowned company; Golden Neo-life Dianite International Company(GNLD). Jerry Brassfield’s net worth is also speculated to be around $1.3 billion even though his net worth remains unverified.

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