How to Track a Phone Number in Kenya (2024)

In this article, you will learn about various ways to track a phone number in Kenya including how to retrieve your stolen phone.

With the increasing rate of phone theft, scamming calls, unnecessary harassing calls, and other related cybercrimes, you need to know how to track a phone number in Kenya.

While you are eager to trace your phone number or track other numbers, it’s important to verify any website or app you will be using. This is because many dubious websites out there gathered people’s information under the pretense of rendering tracking services.

Some also do this to get traffic to their website while some use it in sending spam messages and calls later. The reason why you should verify the website or app before releasing your details.

This article contains two parts;
1. How to track a phone number in Kenya to retrieve your stolen Phone.
2. How to track the phone number and other details of a scammer or an unknown caller using software apps.

How To Track A Phone Number In Kenya To Retrieve Your Lost Phone

Mostly, Kenyans employ the use of many tracking apps just to get back their stolen or lost phones which may be effective or not. Even if your SIM has been removed from the phone, it’s still going to work.

Here are sure steps in getting back your stolen phones.

1. Dial the Phone Number on Your Lost Phone

You may be wondering what the essence of this is. It doesn’t necessarily have to ring or be picked by someone. It’s just for your network provider to know the last location it is.

2. Contact Your Network Provider

Before contacting your network provider, you will need your phone box(the phone package it comes with when you bought it). Look at it to find your IMEI number. International Mobile Equipment Identity(IMEI) is the unique number assigned to each phone by the manufacturer.

After getting it, proceed to call your network provider. Call your IMEI number for them and ask them for the current phone number using your stolen phone. You can also ask for the top 5 phone numbers called by the person using your phone.

However, the information that will be provided may be quite limited. They may not be able to give you the details including the name of the person because of security reasons. Not bad, proceed to the next step.

3. Phone Manufacturers

After knowing the phone number that is inserted in your lost phone, you should contact your phone manufacturer for assistance. With the IMEI number and the phone number of the person using the stolen/lost phone, you will get it back.

But what if the network provider and your phone manufacturer aren’t available? You can also use the following apps to track a phone number in Kenya.

How to Track a Phone Number Using  Tracking Apps

Many virtual tracking apps can help you to track phone number locations in Kenya. But before listing the apps, the following are the things you will need to track a phone number in Kenya.

  • A Phone number ( The one you wish to track)
  • Computer or laptop or even an Android phone.
  • Internet connection

Do you have all of these? The following is the list of tracking apps that can be used by Kenyans.

1. True Caller App

This doubles as a caller Identification app as well as a tracking app. It’s popularly used by Kenyans to identify strange phone numbers that call or message.

Apart from the fact that this app is free to use, you can also eradicate unnecessary phone numbers on your phone by blocking them. After downloading the True Caller App, it has access to all your phone contacts adding to the existing larger base of their data.

This applies to everyone else who downloaded the app. That way, an unidentified number gets known with its address and details.

2. Trap Call App

This is also another caller ID and phone tracker. When unnecessary calls and scamming calls are getting too much, you can also download this app on the Play Store to reveal and trace a phone number in Kenya.

Trap Call when installed after receiving or declining an unknown number sends you the details of the owner including the address and other details.

3. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

This is a phone number-tracking app. It’s used in determining the location of a phone number globally. You can also call or message on this app. The disadvantage of this app is that it requires an internet connection. Without an internet connection, no tracking of phone numbers can be done.

4. Caller ID and Number Location App

This is another app used in tracking phone numbers in Kenya. It also acts as a caller Identifier. It can be used to track a phone number in Kenya and globally.

You can also block an unknown caller on the app. About 13,000 cities from 200 countries are covered by the app. The only but with this app is that a lower Android phone or others can’t access it.

With all the listed steps and applications software listed above on how to track a phone number in Kenya, we hope you find it useful.

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