Garissa Coach: Booking, Fares, Contacts, Routes, And Schedule

Garissa Coach is also known as G-Coach bus services and is the most popular long-distance transport company between the Nairobi and Garissa routes. Do you want to make use of this transport company? Read the article below to get more information on the routes, its significant offices, and how to book your tickets.

Garissa Coach: All You Need To Know

Most intercity bus routes between Garissa and Nairobi are served by Garissa Coach, which is the leading company. Along Nairobi to Garissa Road, the business provides service to around ten locations.

By giving its customers safe, entertaining, and economical transportation, it has grown to be regarded as the epitome of bus travel. Since it has been around for a while, this business has built a solid reputation for offering dependable and reasonable travel services.

To meet people’s transportation needs, the transportation firm has been operating for more than 5 years. It offers a wide range of services and programs. The transportation company also runs buses on the Tana River, Lamu, and Kilifi routes in addition to the routes through Nairobi and Garissa.

To satisfy the demands of its clients in terms of transportation, the transportation company operates a fleet of modernized coaches. A local assembly company in Kenya called Master Fabricators produces the majority of the buses, which are of the Scania model.

Both semi-luxurious and opulent automobiles are included in the fleet. Facilities like these are available to them:

  • A large LCD screen for customers’ entertainment via movies.
  • Good sound system for music entertainment.
  • Some seats also have mini-screens peculiar to them.
  • Free WiFi service.
  • 2 by 2 reclining seats for customer comfort.
  • Charging outlets for passengers to charge their phones.
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Garissa Coach: Booking Tickets

Sadly, Garissa Coach doesn’t have a website, which indicates that there is no opportunity to purchase tickets online. However, the company offers customers the convenience of booking their bus seats through its booking offices in Garissa Town, Thika, and Nairobi.

Garissa Coach: Courier Services

Additionally, courier services are available on the Garissa Coach. This company assists clients in transporting parcels of all weights, even those that are light, meant for delivery from one designated location to the other. Numerous customers might receive their packages at inexpensive prices the same day and early the following day.

Garissa Coach: Travel Schedule

Garissa Coach has several vehicles available for travel at designated hours. Find below, the particular times these buses set off and begin their trips.

From Nairobi to Garissa:

  • 8:00 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 1:00 pm
  • 3:30 pm

From Garissa to Nairobi:

  • 6:00 am
  • 8:00 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 3:00 pm

Why Choose Garissa Coach?

Along roads between Nairobi and Garissa, the transport company offers its clients daily intercity transportation services that are both dependable and comfortable. Additionally, there are departure times in the morning and the afternoon, allowing passengers to choose the one that best matches their needs.

Providing you with a service that is effective, secure, dependable, and comfortable is their priority at Garissa Coach. Throughout their whole system, they work hard to deliver a top-notch client experience, and their commitment to providing high-quality service is reflected in their customer service charter.

Additionally, they provide first-class, premium long-distance travel. The buses feature legroom to make sure everyone is comfortably seated and air conditioning devices to control the temperature during the journey.

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Final Thoughts

Even though Garissa Coach has only been around for a little under five years, the transportation firm is quite trustworthy. Their offerings are comfy and reasonably priced. Use the Garissa coach for your subsequent trips; their courier services are also excellent.

For more inquiries, you can contact them via the following means: 

  • Head Office: Garissa Office
  • Nairobi Office Contacts: 0721211770
  • Garissa Office Contacts: +254 716561775

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