Easy Coach Online Booking of Tickets, Contacts, Fares, and Stations

This article contains everything you need to book a trip with Easy Coach Limited. Some of which include Easy Coach Online booking of tickets, contacts, bus fares, and their different stations.

Before we show you how to perform Easy Coach online booking of tickets in the comfort of your home, below is a little description of Easy Coach Limited and its services.

About Easy Coach Limited

Being one of the leading bus transport companies in Kenya, Easy Coach Limited offers transport services across the country. It is known for its quality and safe services across many major cities in Kenya. These include Nairobi, Kisumu, Maseno, Malaba, Mumias, Kakamega, Mbale, Bungoma, Usenge, Kapsabet, Migori, Rongo, Sirare, Ugunja, Siaya, and so on.

Many Kenyans love to board the Easy Coach bus because of its comfort. The company has many long-distance adapted buses that give room for passengers to stretch their legs. Also, the seat is arranged in a comfortable way using a 2 by 2 seating arrangement.

Not only that, there is a provision of a music system and mini television services for passengers’ entertainment. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is also provided for use. With all this, traveling with Easy Coach Limited gives you an exciting and thrilling journey.

Apart from intra-city transport services rendered by Easy Coach Limited, they also rendered other services like;

Courier Services

The popular bus service providers render courier and delivery services to different customers. You can book a delivery service for your parcels depending on the weight at affordable prices.

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Private Hires

Apart from transporting the public from one city to another, Easy Coach Limited also offers private transport services to companies, groups, and schools for different trips and journeys. You can hire them for a long-term contract or a one-time deal.

Easy Coach Online Booking of Tickets

To travel by Easy Coach bus company, you need to book a ticket for your trip. You can do this by visiting their stations physically or doing the Easy Coach online ticket booking.

It is easy to perform Easy Coach online booking of tickets in the comfort of your home. All you just need is to follow these steps.

  • Visit buupas.com on your internet-connected devices or dial *887#
  • Input your traveling information where necessary including your departing station, destinations, and traveling date
  • Click on the Search Buses option
  • Select out of the numerous bus transport companies displayed. In this case, you should select Easy Coach Limited as your preferred bus
  • Then proceed by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button
  • Go ahead and select your preferred seat after which you should tap the ‘Place my booking’ option.
  • Fill in your traveling details correctly where provided
  • Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions of the booking platform
  • Proceed to make payment with your card.
  • After completing these steps, an e-mail or SMS will be sent to you with your receipts.
  • You can then print out or present the confirmatory message at any of their stations to use your tickets.

Easy Coach Limited Bus Fares

Find below the current Easy Coach bus fares and their respective routes.

  • Nairobi to Sirare is Ksh 950
  • Nairobi to Maseno is Ksh 1,400
  • Nairobi to Kaimosi is Ksh 1,200
  • Nairobi to Kisumu is Ksh 1,400
  • Nairobi to Busia is Ksh 1,500
  • Nairobi to Mumias is Ksh 1,450
  • Nairobi to Siaya is Ksh 1,450
  • Nairobi to Kakamega is Ksh 1,450
  • Nairobi to Kericho is Ksh 1,100
  • Usenge to Nairobi is Ksh 1350
  • Rongo to Nairobi is Ksh 950
  • Homa Bay to Nairobi is Ksh 950
  • Kisumu to Nairobi is Ksh 1400
  • Kitale to Nairobi is Ksh 1350
  • Mbale to Nairobi is Ksh 1400
  • Malaba to Nairobi is Ksh 1400
  • Maseno to Nairobi is Ksh 1400
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Easy Coach Stations and Contacts

After performing Easy Coach online booking, you can visit their closest station to use your tickets. C

Find below some of the Easy Coach stations with their contacts

1. Bondo Office
Contact: 738200316

2. Bumala Office
Contact: 789366996

3. Bungoma Office
Contact: 738200310

4. Busia Office
Contacts: 0738200315, 05523098

5. Eldoret Office
Contact: 0738200308
Fax: 0532030411

6. Kaimosi Office
Contact: 738200323

7. Kakamega Office
Contact: 0738200313
Fax: 05630837

8. Kampala Office
Contacts:+256776727270, +256757727273

9. Kapsabet Station
Contacts: 0738200322, 05352260

10. Kericho Station
Contacts: 052 20417, 0738200316

11. Kisii Station
Contact: 736046164

12. Kisumu Station
Contacts:0738200317, 0738999703, 0726354307
Fax: 057 2026136

13. Kitale Station
Contacts: 0738200309, 0726354309
Fax: 054 30066

14. Malaba Station
Contact: 738999705

15. Maseno Station
Contacts: 057351216, 0738200320

16. Mbale Station
Contact: 0738999704
Fax: 05651487

17. Migori Station
Contact: 736046143

18. Moi’s Bridge Station
Contact: 732538253

19. Mumias Station
Contacts: 0738200318/9
Fax: 056641361

20. Nairobi Office
Contacts: 0738200301, 0726354301, 0202210711
Fax: 0202210712

21. Nakuru Station
Contacts: 0738200312, 0726354312, 0726354303, 0738200303
Fax: 051 2211500

22. Narok Station
Contact: 736141333

23. Rongo Station
Contact: 738200083

24. Siaya Station
Contact: 0738200304

25. Sirare Station
Contact: 736046132

26. Ugunja Station
Contact: 738200324

27. Usenge Station
Contact: 738200316

28. Webuye Station
Contact: 738200321

Final Thoughts on Easy Coach Online Booking and Contacts

Easy Coach Limited offers quality and safe transport services at affordable prices. They have good customer relations and make use of technology in delivering their services. You can visit their official website for more information.

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