Top 10 Best Bus Companies in Kenya (2024)

Being one of the booming sectors in Kenya, the transport industry is filled with different types of bus companies in Kenya. The industry is quite competitive leaving different public bus transporters in Kenya no choice but to upgrade their services. This has led to the evolution of many top bus companies in Kenya with reliable and trustworthy services.

Therefore, we are going to be looking at these different top and biggest bus companies in Kenya with the services they rendered.

Top Largest Bus Companies in Kenya

In no order of priority, below is the list of the top bus transport providers in Kenya according to their positive reputation.

1. Modern Coast Coaches LTD

Modern Coast Coaches is one of the top bus companies in Kenya that offers safe and comfortable transport services to the citizens of Kenya. The company which was established in 2007 started with 6 buses while plying only the Mombasa to Nairobi routes.

Since then it has grown and evolved to having over 50 branches in different Eastern Countries apart from Kenya. Some of which include Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and so on. Want to enjoy Modern Coast Coaches LTD’s luxurious bus services, you can book a ride with them.

2. Easy Coach LTD

With over a decade years of experience in the transportation industry, Easy Coach LTD offers one of the best passenger and Courier services in Kenya. Easy Coach LTD is popular for its reliable, quality, and safe transport services among Kenyan citizens.

The top bus company in Kenya offers transport services for both short and long-distance journeys. To book a ride with Easy Coach LTD, you can visit out of its numerous booking Offices or visit their website

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3. Mash East Africa

Ever heard of the Mash East Africa bus company? It is one of the best bus companies in Kenya that offers excellent transport services. The Kenyan bus company which was established in 2003 has over 40 air-conditioned buses for transporting passengers across different cities and towns in Kenya.

Not only that, Mash East Africa is known for its reliability, competence, and good customer care service. With a well-structured booking system and competent, staff, Mash East Africa is one of the quality transport providers in Kenya, Uganda, and other Eastern African countries.

4. Dreamline Express LTD

Another popular bus company in Kenya is Dreamline Express LTD. It is known for its numerous modern buses which are usually comfortable for traveling long distances. The bus is equipped with air-conditioners, a 52-inch plasma TV, and free internet WiFi for entertaining passengers.

Dreamline Express LTD plies different routes in Kenya including the country capital Nairobi, Mombasa, and so on. You can visit any of the Dreamline Express LTD offices in the country to book a ride with the Kenyan bus company.

5. Simba Coach LTD

Here is also one of the Popular and biggest bus companies in Kenya known for its quality and safe transport services. The top transport providers in Kenya that pride themselves on ‘The Pride of Travelers’ are known for their luxurious and faster buses, especially DragonFly.

Simba Coach LTD transports passengers safely across Kenyan cities and towns including Kampala, Mombasa, and others at affordable rates. You can visit some of their offices to learn more about services rendered by the bus company in Kenya.

6. Coast Bus LTD

Coast Bus LTD is one of the oldest yet top bus companies in Kenya. With over 56 years of experience in the Kenyan transportation industry, Coast Bus LTD transports Kenyans across the country’s cities safely.

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You can visit Coast Bus LTD headquarters at Mombasa in Kenya and other offices to learn more about services rendered by the bus company.

7. Guardian Coach LTD

The list of the top passenger and Courier services providers in Kenya will not be completed without mentioning Guardian Coach LTD. The bus company is one of the biggest players in the industry.

With years of experience in the industry, Guardian Coach LTD offers passengers luxury, comfort, and a safe journey experience while traveling through major cities in Kenya. Some of which include Nairobi, Busia, Kisumu, Eldonet, Kiakamega, and so on.

8. Transline Classic LTD (ENA Coach)

Transline Classic LTD which is popularly known as ENA Coach was established in 2005. Currently, it has over 50 buses which the bus company uses to transport passengers across the country.

Want to travel to any of the major cities or towns in Kenya? You can book a ride with Transline Classic LTD at an affordable price by visiting their website

9. Tahmeed Coach LTD

Like many other top bus companies in Kenya rendering transport services, Tahmeed Coach LTD offers quality and reliable services. The company also employs the services of competent and professional services. Thus, they have good customer relations and support systems.

Also, Tahmeed Coach LTD buses are adapted for both short and long-distance trips as the seats are made comfortable which allows the stretching of legs. Some of the routes plied by Tahmeed Coach LTD include Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and other major towns.

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10. Kenya Bus Service Management

Last but not least transport providers in Kenya are on our list of top bus companies in the Kenya Bus Service Management. With many franchises in different cities and towns in Kenya, the bus company offers safe, reliable, and comfortable transport services.

Final Thoughts on Bus Companies in Kenya

The above-mentioned public bus transporters in Kenya are rated based on their positive reputation, quality services rendered, and customer relations.

Although there are many other public bus transporters in Kenya that transport passengers from one city to another, these are the best bus companies in Kenya.

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